Natural Plant Defense - Mimicking Natural Trichomes

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Who We are
We are an interdisciplinary consortium of
  • The Above-Belowground Interactions group (led by Prof. M. Bezemer) and Natural Products Lab (led by Dr. Y. Choi) at Leiden with a longstanding track record in research on plant protection and natural products.
  • The Physical Chemistry and Soft Matter Group at Wageningen University (Assistant Prof. Thomas Kodger) with extensive experience in soft matter synthesis
  • The research group at the University of Groningen (Prof. Marleen Kamperman), which is internationally recognized for its expertise in polymer science and has developed a strong focus on bioinspired adhesion
  • The faculty of the Aeres University of Applied Sciences at Almere, offering vast experience in applied research programs and an extensive network within the total chain of the green sector.
Corporate Contributors
Our consortium collaborates with local experts in The Netherlands. If you are also interested in collaborating, please contact us.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Van Iperen BV</span><br>
Van Iperen BV
Van Iperen BV is an international company supporting its customers to develop integrated approaches for the growth of healthy crops that are well protected. Their specialists work together with growers and other partners to achieve this goal, successfully providing sustainable, innovative solutions in response to technical and societal changes.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Holland Biodiversity</span><br>
Holland Biodiversity
Holland Biodiversity works towards the best possible use of what nature gives us. With natural biodiversity as a starting point they develop and trade natural substances in the sectors of pharmacy, food, cosmetics and argochemistry. They research, develop and produce agricultural products and are located in Lisse, in the center of the Dutch flower bulb industry. They stand for availability of accumulated knowledge and for exploring opportunities together.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Holland Green Machine</span><br>
Holland Green Machine
Holland Green Machine develops horticultural spray equipment and is located in the Netherlands. They export to several countries world wide where they work with local dealers to provide growers with the best equipment and solutions to ensure a healthy productive crop. 
All images are copyrighted © to Natural Plant Defense consortium and Van Iperen BV unless otherwise noted.
These images show plant damage from harmful insect or insect-related pathogens.

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