Proof-of-principle results highlighting the capability to fabricate trichome mimics in a laboratory

The projects goal is to fabricate natural trichome mimics similar in function to trichomes of e.g. the tomato (Solanum lycopersicum)  


Design and fabrication of trichome mimics from plant waste materials

Supervisor - Dr. Thomas Kodger
PhD Candidate - Ralph van Zwieten
The objective of this project is to design trichome mimics using sustainable and bio-sourced materials fabricated with scalable, non-toxic methodologies. The fabrication of adhesive trichome mimics has three main challenges:
(1) identifying suitable and sustainable materials
(2) modifying these materials into a usable product
(3) scalability and reproducibility of fabrication.
"Fabricating the trichome mimics and optimizing the creation process are crucial to the overall success of theNatural Plant-Defense project. Preliminary work (see gallery page) has been conducted with encouraging proof-of-principle results."
Wageningen University & Research - Physical Chemistry and Soft Matter